Our Story

So you wanna know more about us? Well here you've come to the right place...

Onesie Zoosie is a Sydney based retail company which is 100% Australian owned. We specialize in the amazing, comfortably, quirky world of Onesies. We think we are the best place to get not just a quality onesie but a great value onesie in Australia.

Owners Krystal and Ben decided to start the business after trying find a theme for Ben's 30th birthday party. See the picture of them at the party (Krystal's in the Love Bunny Onesie and Ben's in the Big Bad Wolf Onesie)

They found animal and character onesies and thought it would be a great idea for a different type of themed costume party (especially for winter party). After looking into them, they found out that others loved the idea and the concept for the party then turned to a business idea and Onesie Zoosie was born.

Today Onesie Zoosie is one the leading providers of onesies to Aussies and people from all around the world!

We are located in Spring Farm, NSW.



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