Kris Jenner in a Onesie at Disneyland November 12 2014

Kris Jenner? In a onesie? At Disneyland? In public? Another question? And another?

Halloween Onesie Sale October 19 2014

Wellaty well well well!

Guess what? It's Halloween! Well almost... so we decided, why not have a sale. What kind of sale? It's the kind where everything is $39.99! Yes that's right... onesies which are $50, $75 even $85 ALL $39.99!

Now with Halloween only around the corner... you can choose any halloween onesie... like...

Jack Skellington onesies, Gloomy Bear onesies, Bat onesies, Frankenstein onesies, Skeleton onesies, Big Bad Wolf, Monster onesies, Olaf onesies.

So from here, you can rest assured that Onesie Zoosie is the best place to buy a halloween onesie!

This sale will be available only to midnight on the 31st of October or while stocks last.

Our new website and SALE to CELEBRATE! September 21 2014

So we finally have our new website up and running!

To celebrate we are having a weekend sale of 25% off all onesies! Which means some onesies are up to 70% off!! 



Click HERE to browse our collections 


But wait there's more! Like a good ol' steak knife giveaway, we are also offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders of 3 items or more! Man we are really happy about it too!

So this will only last this weekend and midnight Sydney time on Sunday the 21st September at 11.59pm will see the doors close on our sale and then prices are all back their usual...


Who said we were out of onesies? September 16 2014

Well... we did.  BUT.....


WE HAVE STOCK! Not just any old stock though, we have new onesies of all sorts. We have expanded our onesie range of Care Bears - With Good Luck Care Bear Onesies, Funshine Care Bear onesie and a few others.


With Halloween just around the corner, we have decided to add Frankenstein, Gloomy Bears.


Disneys Frozen movie was so successful we had add Olaf Snowman onesies in both adult and kids sizes.


We are truly Super hero focused now with Superman onesies and batman onesies!


And we are still waiting on Mario and Luigi onesies, and they are only just around the corner... If there was one onesie you would love to see, what would it be?


Why not tell us on Facebook and we will our hardest to make it happen! 

Out of STOCK!!?? May 15 2014

Hi All,


The cold weather is now upon our shores and here at Onesie Zoosie, we've been moving onesies to all corners of Australia at record pace. The problem is, we are selling so fast we can't keep up with our stock levels! I guess this is a good thing, well kinda. But for all you people who are keen to get one of our onesies CANT! This is a major problem!


But alas! There is hope at the end of the tunnel!


We have new stock coming! It's about 2-3 weeks away, so you may need to wait but I assure you it is coming. This is, by far, our largest order to keep up with the stock that's flying out the door. We have all of our 'out of stock' onesies coming, so yay! But not only are we restocking onesies like Pikachu, Elmo, Eeyore and the rest, we are also adding the likes of Adventure Time Onesies! Batman onesies! Superman onesies! and a few other awesome onesies!


I can't wait for this frosty winter order to come in, so I can put on one of each of our new onesies. I know I am one of the lucky ones who basically get my choice of any of our awesome designs. 


But don't fret because new stock is coming! I promise and I would never lie, well not about onesies anyway!


OZA Out.


FASHION: Pharrell and Todrick Hall at the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards April 21 2014

Even at 41 years old, Pharrell is still at the top of his game and here he is channeling his boyish nature in donning his Spongebob onesie. All yellow with the black trim and zips with a small Spongebob face on the one side.



But it wasn't all serious song singing stuff for Pharrell in his onesie, all we can say is that we are glad he brought a change of clothes!


I guess that's the price you pay for getting up on stage!


Todrick Hall wanted to show his "Wrecking Ball" as well, as he rocked his Miley side singing Wrecking Ball on top of a wrecking ball... interesting indeed!


New Care Bare, Minion, Eeyore and more Onesie's available! April 05 2014

So the Onesie Zoosie team have been busy, we've been scoping the globe, trying to find new and exciting onesies to add to the store, and we've found some!


In the next week or two, we will be adding new and cheap onesies into the store. You will soon see the likes of Koala Onesie, Care Bears onesies, Despicable Me Minion onesies, frog onesies, bat onesies, purple dragon onesies and heap of others.


Now our kids range will also not be excluded in our range update either! You will soon see likes of kids Eeyore onesies, Kids Teddy Bear Onesies, Kids Angry Birds onesie and plenty of others too.

So when we say we have Australia's largest range of onesies, we mean it! The collection keeps growing too, if you think you have an awesome idea for a new onesie, let us know and we will do our best to make it, create it, find it!


The future is bright, in the next few weeks or so, we will also be adding Adventure Time Onesies!


Stay tuned to this website and follow us on Facebook to stay close to the updates.




Wearing a Onesie at the cricket? January 24 2014

Onesies are awesome for wearing for many different occasions. "Sure" you say, "I already knew that!"


Well of course you do. There's the deep cold winter nights where you just chill out on the lounge and pop on your best Sully Onesie and watch the final season of Breaking Bad (again). Then there's that party you are going to and, yep it's time to wind the clock back to the ancient times and become a dinosaur.

But maybe you are forgetting some other times. It's hot now, the summer sun is beating don't, maybe a onesie isn't the right idea... or is it? 

This summer has seen the cricket in full swing and Onesie Zoosie Australia played it's part! Many people came to us to get their onesies for the great summer dress up!

See the photo's of some onesies that made their way to Sydney Cricket Ground for the 3rd One Day International between Australia and England. Yep you guessed it, England lost again.

Chesire Cat Onesie at the cricket

Chesire Cat and the rest of the Alice in Wonderland crew decided to show their faces


Eeyore Onesie at the cricket

Eeyore the Donkey was getting extra friendly with some British Guards


Onesie Group at the cricket

Why not get a big group together and wear the same onesie!


Channel 9 Commentary Team at the cricket

Even the Channel 9 Cricket Commentary Team got in on the act! Dressing up at the cricket


Cookie Monster Onesie and Elmo Onesie at the cricket

Cookie Monster and Elmo even had some fun!

New Products and Christmas only around the corner! December 11 2013

Our onesies are in such a high demand, we started allowing them for pre-sale and we've even started selling out of our pre-sale items!!

People must be stuffing their stockings, wrapping their presents for loved ones, chucking them in Santa's sack of goodies or maybe even just getting a onesie for Christmas parties... either way, they are flying out, almost literally!

It's getting hot in Australia but that doesn't stop anyone. Onesies are the best way show you mean business when it comes to showing off your wild side, the side of you that screams - so what?! I AM HAVING FUN!


And you know what? Onesie Zoosie Australia is having a ton of fun getting them to you... I just can't wait for the New Year as we have some huge plans for new products, new stores and just generally everything re-newed bigger and better!

So if we don't chat to you again, you can rest assure we are working hard in getting onesies out to all over Australia, and even all over the world as well!


O.Z.A out.

Selling off the shelf! Pre-Orders secure your onesie November 23 2013

So Onesie Zoosie Australia has been absolutely flat out with our storewide sale!

Which means getting a onesie has been harder than ever, as we are the cheapest and best quality retailer of onesies in Australia! Because we are constantly finding it hard to keep up with the volume of orders, we have had to allow pre-order sales until the end of the year to help manage the Christmas rush.

Pre-orders make it easy to secure your favourite onesie without having to constantly check back to see if we have more stock available.

Onesie Zoosie Australia over the last year have grown to almost 10,000 likes on Facebook and with this fan base comes huge volumes of onesies going out Australia-wide (and even few to places like New Zealand, Germany, USA and Canada).

Sales-wise, we have grown over 1000% in the last 6 months alone. Which means people love our onesies!

So if you want one of our onesies but it's out of stock, no problems, dry your eyes, wipe those tears away! Go to our Pre-Order page and secure it today and don't be the one who misses out anymore!

Onesie Zoosie digs deep for the Philippines Typhoon Disaster November 15 2013

Onesies are all about fun and enjoying life... For some people at this very moment, that is not possible. The Philippines has been hit with arguably the worst ever storm this earth has seen hit land. Families, children, real people will sleep tonight with no food and no real idea of hope for any future.

At Onesie Zoosie Australia, this makes us feel helpless! What can we do? 

So for the whole month of November, we will be donating $10 for every onesie sold (including onesies already sold this month) to the municipality of Isabel, Leyte a town which has been 95% destroyed. Every cent will be send directly there with no admin fee's at all. You can also donate directly by purchasing gift cards and leaving a message of hope in the message field. 

As Aussies, we are fighters and when times get times get tough, we stand up together. So let's stand together and dig deep to help a Nation rebuild and put some smiles on some kids faces once again.

This is a photo of the destruction of the storm. This is NOT a rubbish tip, these were real houses here with real people.


Christmas is coming! Onesies are in the stockings November 07 2013

So it's Christmas next month! What you say? Can you believe it's almost here?

Onesie Zoosie has created some giftcards for all you prepared or lack of preparation people out there. They range in price from as little as $10 then $25, $50 and through to $100.

Really it's a perfect gift when you are unsure of what to get that person.

We are also looking at adding a limited edition onesie to the fold too... a Christmas Onesie!

Christmas Onesies


Hey it's the festive season, why not play along and join the fun. If you looked at this image and cringed, shame! Shame on you... where is your Christmas spirit grouch! If you just saw this and the numerous opportunies in your mind of where you could actually wear this, then this, my friend, is for you.

Onesie Zoosie out. 



Sold Out