Christmas is coming! Onesies are in the stockings November 07 2013

So it's Christmas next month! What you say? Can you believe it's almost here?

Onesie Zoosie has created some giftcards for all you prepared or lack of preparation people out there. They range in price from as little as $10 then $25, $50 and through to $100.

Really it's a perfect gift when you are unsure of what to get that person.

We are also looking at adding a limited edition onesie to the fold too... a Christmas Onesie!

Christmas Onesies


Hey it's the festive season, why not play along and join the fun. If you looked at this image and cringed, shame! Shame on you... where is your Christmas spirit grouch! If you just saw this and the numerous opportunies in your mind of where you could actually wear this, then this, my friend, is for you.

Onesie Zoosie out. 



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