New Products coming the Onesie Zoosie Collection October 05 2013

What a whirlwind it has been here at Onesie Zoosie!

We've had a crazy month, we ran a storewide sale which we could barely keep up with, we went out of stock on a heap of popular and even some not so popular onesies.

Our Facebook following tipped over 8,000 likes! It's really been fun giving so much joy to onesie lovers all over Australia.

We have a heap of new stock coming into the zoo and I'm taking this moment to share with you some of our animals and characters who will be making either a return or a first time appearance...


So, back in the zoo we welcome...

- Eeyore Onesie

- Cookie Monster Onesie

- Tigger Onesie


And welcome for the first time..... drum roll please.....

- Sully Onesie

- Mickey Mouse Onesie

- Cheshire Cat Onesie

- Chipmunk Onesie

- Blue Unicorn Onesie

- Pink Unicorn Onesie


We also, for the first time, are bringing some kids onesies to the zoo. Within the next few days you will see (in our kids range)...

- Kids Pink Pig Onesie

- Kids Pink Unicorn

- Kids Tigger Onesie

- Kids Koala Onesie

- Kids Giraffe Onesie

- Kids Pikachu Onesie

- Kids Blue Stitch Onesie

- Kids Pink Stitch Onesie


So needless to say, we have some unbelievably exciting new additions to the Onesie Zoosie team. We are fairly sure that Australia is going to love our new adult animal onesies as well as the little tackers enjoying our kids onesie range.