What the? Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton is selling some crazy stuff for fundraising April 22 2015

Well in the great national of the US and A (as Borat likes to call it) we've seen many great things happen. Only recently we saw Barrack Obama become the first black president. We also know most of the world follows the lead of the USA when it comes to all sorts of things. Even our own Aussie acting talent have to put on a marvelous american accent to go on and win Oscars. 

How about Hillary Clinton? She's been through a fair bit in her career. We know she's a woman who has goals. She ain't no 'sit on the sidelines' woman while her man does what he wants, oh wait, what?

But now... she's a real chance of becoming the first woman president. Make if it what you will, however that would actually be a massive achievement for any woman to break that barrier. 

However, we are not going to comment on the trials and tribulations of politics, we certainly don't have any authority for that. But we do like a good laugh and having some fun. Hence the reason I am writing this.

"So what is she selling??" I hear you yelling at me... Okay, and this is seriously what she is selling to help fundraise her presidential campaign. I'm only listing the awesome weird ones and in no particular order...

1. $20.16 - Lucky Cat Collar - I mean why not? Right?


2. $20.16 - Dog Leash - Why should all the cats have the fun?


3. $15 - Inspirational Napkins - Because we all need some pick me ups while wiping our face


4. $35 - Hanging Ornament - 'Embellish you support' actual words from the store


5. $20.16 - Born Ready Onesie - Our personal fav, for obvious reasons. Sizes from new born to 2 yrs old.

I also like how they quite deliberately made the price $20.16 for the year it all goes down.

You never know, maybe that one extra onesie sale will be enough to get her over the line and become the first woman president of the US and A.