New Products and Christmas only around the corner! December 11 2013

Our onesies are in such a high demand, we started allowing them for pre-sale and we've even started selling out of our pre-sale items!!

People must be stuffing their stockings, wrapping their presents for loved ones, chucking them in Santa's sack of goodies or maybe even just getting a onesie for Christmas parties... either way, they are flying out, almost literally!

It's getting hot in Australia but that doesn't stop anyone. Onesies are the best way show you mean business when it comes to showing off your wild side, the side of you that screams - so what?! I AM HAVING FUN!


And you know what? Onesie Zoosie Australia is having a ton of fun getting them to you... I just can't wait for the New Year as we have some huge plans for new products, new stores and just generally everything re-newed bigger and better!

So if we don't chat to you again, you can rest assure we are working hard in getting onesies out to all over Australia, and even all over the world as well!


O.Z.A out.