New Stock 2017 June 01 2017

Hi All,

Thanks for checking out Onesie Zoosie!

As you have no doubt already noticed, our warehouse is looking a little empty at the moment. We've been smashed, by you guys. But not to worry! We are waiting on a bunch of new stock to arrive very soon!

We will also be adding some new guys to the collection, like Spiderman Onesies, New Care Bear Onesies and a few others!

So please be patient with us while we bring you what you've been asking for. We know you will at least try ;)

If you have any special requests, or would like to know something else a little more specific, send us an email or jump on our Facebook page and shoot us a message, we'd love to hear from you!

OZA Team

2016 Stock Order and New Arrivals April 19 2016

Hi there everyone!

Our stock levels for a lot of our popular items are starting to run low and we are getting a few enquiries each day about when we will be updating our inventory.

We looking to get some orders in around the end of May at the stage and we will be adding a few special characters to our collections also.

Please bare with us, when we have over 300 different sizes and products sometimes things go out of stock almost overnight as a lot of our orders are large bulk orders of 10+ onesies at a time.

Rest assured we love you guys so much and don't want to keep you waiting too long at all!

If you have anything specific you want to talk to us about feel free to shoot us a message via facebook or email and we'll be sure to get back to you!!

Much love

Ben & Krystal


Christmas 2015 Cut-Off Dates December 11 2015

Do you need something in time for Christmas?? Ahh! Please check out our cut-off dates below to make sure you get them in time!!

You will need to follow these cut-off dates below:

Standard letters & parcels: Monday 14 Dec (interstate), Friday 18 Dec (within NSW). If unsure we recommend using the express post option in the checkout.

Express Post: Tuesday 22 Dec by 4.00pm Sydney time*

*You will need to be located in the National Australia Express Post Network to qualify for express - Otherwise we cannot guarantee it will arrive prior to then.


NEW Stock has Arrived! November 11 2015

So we said last time it wouldn't be long til we restocked our shelves, we'll not too long turned into a few weeks longer than we expected!

But alas! We have stock and some new ones to boot! We will be uploading them to our website in the next few days, but to tickle your onesie tastebuds, here's a list of new items hitting the OZA collections in next couple of days...

These will all be listed over the next day or 3, so you can lay your eyes on them then. Until then, you will just have to use your amazing imagination, I know you have one, it's somewhere in there! Yep, there it is!

We are always looking to add more onesies and even some costumes, so if you feel like you would love to see a onesie or random dress up costume we don't have yet, no problems, let us know! It's people like you who dictate how we run this business, It's pretty much how we decide which designs make the cut and which don't.

Hopefully you guys will love them as much as we do!


Care Bear! Care Bear Onesies! More Care than we bear to Care September 01 2015

So it's been a while since we've updated our blog. "Come on, don't be lazy", I hear you say! Give the people what they want!

It's seriously has been so busy for us! We've been running out stock (as usual) and we are hoping to have our shelves stocked up and ready to go very soon. We've got more staff on board to help us manage this workload too, which is very exciting!

So what's new? What's going on? You've probably read the headline and was intrigued of why I am talking about it, I'm just rambling on about nothing really... Well, we've been inundated with requests for more Care Bears, I mean we have some already, however it wasn't enough, you people wanted more. So we listened. We've had a heap more designs in our manufacturing warehouse working overtime to get them to us. We'll soon be adding... Grumpy Bear, Bedtime Bear, Share Bear, Smart Heart Bear and much more are being worked on also.

At the moment, it's just adult sizes, but if we get enough requests, we can easily make these guys into little people sizes so the kiddies can enjoy them too.

We are looking at having them in very, very soon, so keep an eye out!

How old is Ana, Elsa and the Mario Bros? May 02 2015

So it's usually pretty accurate so we decided to put it to the test... wait what are we testing?

The ages of some of the onesies in our collection. We've also thrown in a few others randomly picked for your enjoyment. Via the true source of true truth:

We start with the worlds most famous sisters at the moment.

Elsa the older sister of Ana. So her real age is actually 21. She's had a rough childhood as we know.


Ana the younger one. Her real age is actually 18. She too has had a rough life, even rougher than her older sister who registered a year younger. Ouch.

Krystal our founder, wearing our Bunny onesie. Ok so her real age is officially 'older' than what is registered here. She's pretty happy with this though!

Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story! Ok so we don't actually know his real age. Although he was originally produced in 1995 which makes him 20. 

Woody from Toy Story. Well we guessed that they were the same and this confirms it.

Frankensteins Monster! He's kinda ugly looking, we aren't real sure of his age either, but I doubt he's 70. We also have Frankensteins Monster in our store. Check him out.

Superman. He's officially supposed to be 34 in the movie and the story. However, the actor here Christopher Reeve was 25 in the movie. The man of steel is also the man of age! Check out our Superman Onesie in our store.

Now this is interesting. There's been plenty of speculation on Mario's (right) and Luigi's (left) age for a while. What we do know is Mario is the older one. Some say he is around 3 years older than his brother and around 25-30 years of age. In this photo however, it is a little weird considering it's the same person in the photo! I guess this just proves smiling big makes you look younger even when you are 'older'!

It's our resident Koala! Chanel our model here actually is 3! How-old didn't get this one wrong and you can't go wrong with a face like that!

That's it for now, no doubt if you made it this far down without having the urge to click away and test your own age you've done very well and we award you the Medal of Onesie Zoosie Loyalty. We now release you to check your own age, which you can do by visiting

What the? Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton is selling some crazy stuff for fundraising April 22 2015

What is she upto now? She's becoming president! But selling stuff to get there...

Have a baby in the back of an UBER? Guess what the UBER policy is? April 20 2015

The super successful transport business Uber has embarked on an actual, official policy of what happens when you have a baby in the back of an Uber vehicle...

Pre-Order Update 15th April 2015 April 15 2015

Hi Guys!

I know you have been very patient with working with us in circumstances out of our control. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for loving us, because we certainly do love you.

All our Pre-orders are being sent this week!! We are moving them all express as soon as possible!

With these pre-orders, we also have some new onesies adding to our collections, plus a few other items which I am sure everyone is keen on seeing.

Thanks again for your patience and if you need more information or want to chat to us a little more, feel free to use our Contact Us page.

OZA Team

11 Best Themed Party Ideas March 27 2015

"Please give me something to do for my party! I'm so confused and don't know what to do!!" Check this out if this is you!

Can you guess which Billionaire wears a Lemur Onesie While Playing Tennis? March 11 2015

Who is this Billionaire wearing a onesie? Do you know why he is in a Lemur Onesie?

Richard Branson Onesies

Mario & Luigi Onesies and a Massive Restock Coming Soon March 03 2015

What? Mario and Luigi you say? Sweet! 
When are you getting more stock!?!? Seriously!



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