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The Best Shop for Onesies Australia wide... Ever

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Onesies in Australia have exploded and Onesie Zoosie Australia is where the party starts!

Kigurumi is the Japanese word for what we Aussies call animal onesies. Kigus for short, our collection of animal onesies and character onesies are made of high quality coral fleece or polar fleece which are machine washable and bundles of super awesome quality. The Japanese created them, however now you see onesies all over the world. People are even wearing them in public, out on the street, to the movies, swimming... okay, maybe not swimming, but hey, they are pretty much comfortable to wear anywhere!

Do you have an adult onesie party or just keen to chill out on those lazy days on the couch in your onesie? We deliver onesies Australia wide via Australia Post or by our super-fast, super awesome express couriers. 

Onesie Zoosie is an Australian onesie company and our stock is located where we to like call our Sydney onesie warehouse. We specialise in onesies for adults, onesies for kids, Disney onesies, character onesies and our famous zoo of animal onesies. Our stock sells out all the time. Our most popular onesies include: Eeyore onesie, Elmo onesie, Cookie Monster onesie and Sully onesie.

Most one piece pyjamas are worn by young and free people, but hey, YOLO! We don’t discriminate as people of all ages are buying our stock. One of our biggest selling occasions are for teachers who might be having a big school musical, play, drama class or sports event! “Go Tigers!”

Once you have a onesie, you don’t want to stop there, this is an exclusive club and when you have a range like ours why not stock up and start collecting all sorts of different animals?

So if want to know where to buy one of these things? The best place to get onesies for adults is from Onesie Zoosie Australia's online shop, where the animals are just looking for a new home. 

Check out the zoo collection online, or just use our search option to find your adult onesie pyjamas and have your favourite character and animal onesies delivered to direct to you!

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